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NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is designed to take street basketball to a whole new level of quality. Developers from Saber Interactive, working under the patronage of the publisher in the face of 2K, have prepared for you a lot of innovations and improvements. Players will receive a unique seasonal mode, as well as an online rating. Playing in the NBA Playgrounds 2, you get access to the well-known and not very NBA compositions, which include both active basketball stars and former players of the National Basketball Association. You can play alone, but this mode is intended solely to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of gameplay and to train your skills.

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Executive Assault 2 v0.429.1 - SKIDROW

Executive Assault 2 Game Free Download Torrent
Executive Assault 2 — space action where you go to conquer large-scale space, gradually destroying supporters of enemy forces. Here you will be able to take control of a huge fleet of starships, which will go into dynamic resistance. The developers presented their offspring as a strategy, where all actions will take place in real time with a first-person view. You will become the main detector of your own corporation to develop it, and then destroy other powerful factions. Chaos and utter lawlessness is created on the territory of outer space, from which you must immediately get rid of by the complete destruction of the enemy world.

Coffence - PLAZA

Coffence Game Free Download Torrent
Coffence is a fast-growing mix of combat games and double-stick shooters with a dash of caffeine. Coffee is literally your health bar, and every punch pushes the precious liquid into the air for anyone taking it. Experience dramatic reversals and tensions when you fight to the last drop with up to four players. Try a new way of playing: a battle with two sticks! Aim for shock with unsurpassed accuracy with the right joystick. Coffee is your life. Every blow you get pushes the precious liquid upwards, allowing any fighter to grab it with a cup.

State of Mind v1.20 - CODEX

State of Mind Game Free Download Torrent
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State of Mind — quite interesting in the performance and filled with a fascinating plot line of the game, where you will solve numerous, gloomy shroud of mystery. From the very beginning, you should get acquainted with the main character, whose role you will play. You will become a real victim of technical world progress, which then entails a lot of problems and troubles. Go to the future, namely, in 2054, the year when humanity reached a peak in science, but did not take into account a lot of details, and now is threatened with extinction.

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428 Shibuya Scramble v1.01 - PLAZA

428 Shibuya Scramble Game Free Download Torrent
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428 Shibuya Scramble is a game in the genre of a visual novel developed by Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd. for the PC platform. Setting in the game, unfortunately, is not defined, and the following features can be singled out: adventure game, visual novella, video inserts, mystery, steam achievements, collectible cards. You will be able to play such game modes as single-player. The kidnapping of people on the streets of Shibuya was brought together by a quick-tempered detective, an impartial journalist, a former gang leader, chief researcher of a large pharmaceutical producer, and a mysterious person in a cat suit.

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Megaquarium v1.1.5 - SiMPLEX

Megaquarium Game Free Download Torrent
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Megaquarium is an administrative simulator with an isometric view of the camera. You have to become the manager of your own oceanarium and bring this institution to financial success. Place aquariums and equipment so as to optimize the flow of visitors and provide easy access for staff. Explore the diverse needs of all kinds of aquatic life. Look after them and they will grow increasing your income. The creator of Big Pharma is a completely new economic game simulator. Megaquarium follows in the footsteps of the classic games about tycoons-managers of theme parks, but adds a water aspect.

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Fallout Shelter v1.13.13 - SKIDROW

Fallout Shelter Game Free Download Torrent
Fallout Shelter for PC is an exciting and quite original game in its performance, which is an excellent representative of the RTS genre. Here you will have the opportunity to feel yourself in the place of the real bunker manager. The main task is to take care of the safety of people’s lives, which will be extremely difficult to do. You are waiting for numerous obstacles and solutions to complex problems before you achieve the desired result. Try to do everything possible to increase the vitality of people who are shelter. Create an atmosphere of harmony, security and comfort, and do not forget to do everything for prosperity and improvement.

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Kingdom Rush Origins v1.0.5 - PLAZA

Kingdom Rush Origins Game Free Download Torrent
Kingdom Rush Origins — is a real-time strategy where the user will need to become the manager of his own army and protect their land from the terrible dragons and cunning people. The video game will allow gamers to develop their logic and intuition, as well as help to choose a pragmatic approach in solving assigned tasks. The game has four types of free towers: magic, tower with archers. Starting each level, the user will have a certain amount of money that he will need to purchase the first towers. The main task of the gamer will be the extermination of all opponents before they can go all the way.

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